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“I’m enjoying my lessons with Milvia very much and know that my Spanish comprehension has improved a great deal. In addition to learning the language, I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Milvia as a friend and having the opportunity to learn about her life in Guatemala and to see how it is similar and different to my own. Speakshop has provided something greater to me than just a conduit for learning another language; it’s given me the privilege of seeing another culture on a very personal level.”

–Emily, Nonprofit Professional,
Speak Shop Member, 2010

“Speak Shop is fabulous and I’m so glad I found it as an alternative to studying at the local community college.  I actually think it might be possible for me to speak Spanish after all.”

–Anna, Project Accountant/Office Manager for a construction company,
Speak Shop member, 2010

“I hold Speak Shop in high regards and truly value the services you all offer. Thank you so much for how much you have helped me with my language skills for these past 3 years. I am able to communicate with my Spanish-speaking patients.”

–Kara, Medical Resident,
Speak Shop Member, 2010

“I manage a large apartment complex in FL and over half my residents do not speak English, so it became a necessity to learn Spanish if I was going to understand that there is a water problem, or bathroom problem that needs attention in their apartment. I signed up for Adult Education classes in Oct 2005 for “Beginners Conversational Spanish” weekly class of 2 hours at our local HS. So far 15 months of conjugating verbs and learning vocabulary and I get by haltingly. We have 10-12 students in this class, and it seems you progress at the rate of the slowest student, because the teacher corrects them and you have to wait until they get it right before continuing. Now after 6 lessons at I feel confident enough to handle any situation. Folks, there is no substitute for one on one for a whole hour. You begin to progress exponentially! The progress is nothing short of phenomenal! I am very glad that I learned about Speakshop from another chat room somewhere. It is the deal of the century if you are serious about learning Spanish quickly. If I can do it, you can do it and I am 68 years young. So add me to the ‘I love club’.”

–John, Apartment Manager in Florida, age 68,
Speak Shop Member 2007

“I have had four classes and I am so impressed with the quality I am receiving. Each one of my lessons is super productive. I actually can’t imagine the class being better. I once had a private tutor who I met face to face with and I wish I had known about Speak Shop back then because I could have had 3 times the amount of classes with the same amount of money and these classes are sooo much better. Plus the benefit of private tutoring is that the lesson is geared to your own personal needs. I’ve taken spanish classes at the local community college and found that I didn’t learn a lot – usually the pace was too slow. Which is not the case at all with private lessons. I’m already starting to think about taking a trip to visit my maestra in Guatemala Thanks for the great service. I am recommending Speak Shop to every student of spanish I know.”

–Jenny, Civil Engineer, age 25,
Speak Shop Member 2007

“My first lesson was nine months ago. It took me a fair bit of time to pluck up the courage to join, since I was not sure whether my Spanish was up to it. It really was one of the best decisions of my life. My lessons with Aracely have been stimulating, challenging but, most of all, intensely enjoyable and rewarding. It has not only brought my speaking skills on in leaps and bounds but has also given me the courage to use the language when opportunities have arisen. Chatting with a Guatemalan has also opened my eyes to a fascinating culture. I hope one day to be able to visit.”

–Christian, Student, UK,
Speak Shop Member, 2005-2006

“I just completed my first lesson with Leonor, and I have no doubt that you guys are on the right track. I am a big believer that videoconferencing is the next big frontier in education, and Speak Shop appears to me the first and best of its kind…I love it, and I believe in it! Please keep up the good work.”

–Dennis, Controller, US,
Speak Shop Member, 2006

“I had my free lesson today with Leonor – she is terrific. This may be just the ticket for me and I will certainly tell my friends. Muchas gracias.”

–Maryann, Dog Rescuer and Lifelong Learner, MX,
Speak Shop Member, 2006

“Speak Shop is one of the best uses I’ve seen of the internet. The classes are helping me learn the specialized vocabulary I need for my work as a lawyer while improving my grammar, listening and conversational skills. My teacher, Milvia, is great. Instead of spending time on the freeway going to class, I can spend that time studying now.”

–Frances, Attorney, US,
Speak Shop Member, 2005-2006

“Just got back from Costa Rica realizing my Spanish needs polishing. I found Speak Shop and decided to give it a try. I was amazed – talking to people that live in the country gives you a flavor you just can’t get from a book, CD or even a Spanish class. My tutor was very patient and worth every penny. I’m going on a mission to build houses in the Dominican Republic, and I know being able to speak Spanish with the local people will make my trip extraordinary. Once you learn [a language] you start to see doors open that you never knew were there. Speak Shop, thanks for providing such a valuable service.”

–Chaz W., US,
Speak Shop Member, 2005