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Spanish Tutors Committed to Quality at a Fair Price

We want you to be ecstatic about learning Spanish. To help ensure your satisfaction you select your Spanish tutor. To help you select your Spanish tutor we've hand-picked 9 fantastic women who have taught Spanish for more than 10 years. We've included some pictures, biographical information, teaching style and expertise so you can get to know them a little before your lesson. We've also included statistics about how many lessons they've taught online, how many years they've taught and feedback from their past students. If you want to hear a different accent or way of speaking feel free to switch Spanish tutors at any time.

To help ensure a fair price, each Spanish tutor runs her own small business by setting her own hours and Lesson Fees for the Personalized Lessons. We feel like the market will determine the best price instead of Speak Shop determining the price. Speak Shop charges a Monthly Membership fee instead of keeping part of the Lesson Fee so you can feel confident knowing how much your Spanish Tutor is paid.

Because they work for themselves, Speak Shop Spanish Tutors have a vested interest in the quality of their service. Your ability to leave lesson feedback ratings also ensures high- quality service.

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Lessons taught at Speak Shop (as of 04/18/12)

Aracely Rogel

I enjoy teaching a wide range of students from children, adults to older individuals with varying levels of familiarity with Spanish.  Each student offers a new opportunity to further develop my teaching skills, which is very rewarding for me. My style of teaching children is very engaging, using cartoons and drawings, easy to view over the Internet. I also make frequent use of children’s songs to teach numbers, different fruits, and basic vocabulary.



Claritza Morales

I teach in a simple way where the student can quickly apply what they have studied during our conversations. I use different books to support my lessons and I also use selected material from the internet to give homework to my students. I adapt my lessons to each of my students’ needs and interests.

I have had the opportunity to work with people from many countries around the world and with people from different professions such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, nurses, medical students from various, etc. I like to share my language with each of my students. Each student is a great experience and an adventure in Spanish teaching. Thank you for letting me share my language and my culture with you through Speak Shop.



Leonor Chivichón

I am a patient Spanish tutor and enjoy reading all kinds of books, magazines, newspapers etc.  I love to walk an hour in the mornings and do any kind of exercise. I also like to spend time with my family when possible. I have taught Spanish for 18 years and teaching students of all ages is a wonderful experience with immense satisfaction.

During the Spanish lessons, I use communication methods that encourage students to actively participate in learning, emphasizing social and professional situations from real life. I teach grammar with clear explanations with simple assignments appropriate for any situation.

Teaching Experience: I started teaching Spanish in 1996 and have taught Spanish online via Speak Shop since 2005. 



Mayra Juarez

My teaching style is based on aspects of grammar, phonetics and writing since I drew up a personalized plan focused on goals and needs of each student because everyone has different goals.I am very flexible! So the student can participate in the development of this plan. I like to take into account their views.

Besides the grammatical points, I like to emphasize in conversation, reading and vocabulary, all this so that students can see their progress and that motivates him to continue with his studies.

Ability of individual and group communication, comprehension skills, creativity to develop the class, individualized planning, communication skills with basic English, ability to adapt to each.

Teaching Experience: I started



Milvia Vásquez

For the past 20 years I have been teaching Spanish to students at all levels and ages. My students have been medical professionals, business executives and university professors of theology and literature. I particularly enjoy, and have been specially trained in, tutoring children using a multimedia approach with flashcards, figures, songs and video clips; all based on subjects tailored to the child’s interests and needs. I cover a wide range of conversation topics which I am well versed in; from Literature and Art to Pop Culture and Sports. The lessons are always intended to be fun, interesting and engaging.



Mónica Méndez

I am very patient and use lots of different teaching methods to help students improve their grammar and fluency.  I am a qualified Primary School teacher and I am also very passionate about teaching Spanish. As a Spanish tutor,  I have worked with teachers, doctors, nurses, social workers, engineers and other professionals. I always adapt my classes to the needs of my students so that they are comfortable and get the most out of our lessons. I have experience with students of all levels from the most basic right through to advanced. If you are interested in my culture and my country it would be a pleasure to talk with you about it.

Teaching Experience: I started teaching Spanish in 1998 and I have been teaching Spanish at



Rebeca González

I have a flexible teaching style because every student is different.  My goal is to adapt to the best way for each student to learn. We can focus your lesson by having a conversation on a topic you find interesting.  If you prefer to study grammar we can find a way to make your lessons a learning adventure.  If you want homework, I can email you custom exercises and translate sections where needed.

I have experience working with children and adults from beginners, intermediate and advanced.  I taught Spanish for travelers and worked with professionals such as teachers, engineers, economists, interpreters, and doctors.

I am not fluent in English but I have an Intermediate level in English.

Teaching Experience:  I started



Rosa María Acajabón

I listen and observe each student during our lessons to understand their learning style.  After I have begun to know the student I then will make a recommendation for a program of study and use appropriate teaching tools. Some students learn best orally by listening to explanations, reading aloud, having discussions on a specific topic, like listening to music, etc. Others learn best through "personal experience" so we might talk about their travels, hobbies, sports, or their work.  Some students prefer to study by asking direct questions, writing assignments, compositions, analyzing examples, reading stories, etc.



Yesenia Mateu

I love the experience of teaching the Spanish language online because I have known people around the world of different ages and with different purposes of learning the language, and that’s why I welcome you to the new millennium’s innovation of teaching-learning at Speak Shop. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced Spanish student, I can gladly help you speak, write, and practice Spanish, and if you want to know about a particular subject, please let me know! Medicine, culture, society, history, politics…whatever you need.