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Learn Spanish Price

2 Fees for Better Transparency

Speak Shop is a non-profit but we still need to charge a monthly Membership Fee to help cover the costs associated with website maintenance, management, marketing, and customer service. We have three different membership options:

 - Mini-Membership for $9.99 - Take up to 5 lessons per month
 - Standard-Membership for $19.99 - Take up to 20 lessons per month
 - Unlimited Membership for $39.99 - Take unlimited lessons per month
Tutors also charge a Lesson Fee of $10-12 per hour depending on the day, time and tutor. Speak Shop does not take any portion of the Lesson Fees. We believe customers prefer to pay a transparent membership fee rather than take a percentage away from the tutors’ lesson fees.
NOTE: The monthly membership fee is automatically charged each month until you cancel your paid membership. In other words, if you don’t take any lessons you will still be charged the membership fee until you cancel your paid membership.