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What will I be taught?

During your free trial lesson, your Spanish teacher will determine your ability to understand and speak Spanish by asking you a series of questions that grow increasing more difficult to answer in Spanish.  They will also ask what you would like to learn and how much time you have to commit to learning.  If you want to study specific vocabulary or phrases for your job please let your teacher know. 

Your teacher will then start a conversation with you around a subject matter that you are interested in.  For example, if you are a doctor they will ask you what type of medicine your practice, where you work and how can you practice Spanish.  They will also incorporate grammar topics into the lesson and assign homework (if you want homework:)

Many students ask about our curriculum or structure becuase they are used to Spanish courses like Beginning 1, Beginning 2, etc. We think it is much more productive and fun if your teacher builds course just for you.  The Speak Shop Spanish teachers are great at creating a customized course just for you.  After your Free Trial the tutor will send you a suggested list of topics that you can cover and you can decide to follow her suggestions or to change things.